Concrete Ring Holder

Concrete Ring Holder

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These handmade concrete ring holders are modern, sleek, super smooth and all yours in exchange for the cost of shipping.  Oh, and only while supplies last, I've always wanted to say that.  

Why am I giving these away?  Well, part of growing an e-commerce business is, as I am learning, growing a VIP email list.  Many businesses offer free advice and digital downloads in exchange for emails to grow their list.  I don't know how to do those things.  I've tried, and I suck at it. 

I do know how to make things though.  I made these, I think they're cute, and I think you will too.  So yes, full disclosure, I'm collecting emails.  You could easily unsubscribe, but why be a dick about it?  Just kidding...but seriously wait like a day or two to help my ego.  

It won't cost much...just your voice (email address)