Textured Double Dragonfly Wing Necklace


The delicate but strong wings of this necklace remind us that we can't always see where out path is leading us, and whether we are in the mud or climbing towards the waters' surface, we are all born to take flight.  The two wings move freely to create a light and satisfying clinking sound, as a fluttering reminder in the background of your day.

  • Delicate Vermeil dragonfly inspired wings 
  • Each wing is appx. 2" long and 1/2" wide.
  • 14k Gold Vermeil Wings hang from a 27" gold filled chain, the perfect length to easily slip over your head.
  • .925 Sterling Silver wings hang from a 27" sterling silver chain.

Dragonflies are a sign of strength and of transformation.  Born in water and mud, they transform and eventually take flight.  They become something completely unexpected.

Allow 1-2 weeks production time.


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