Gray Concrete Pearl Bracelet


Color: Ombre (in photos)
This unique and simple bracelet is handmade of 17 mixed gray concrete "pearls", strung on a stretch cord to allow the piece to slide easily over your hand. The concrete beads are lightly sanded to give them a smooth, soft texture, while still maintaining the character, seams, and bubbles of concrete. You will love the way this bracelet feels on your wrist, and how easy to wear and versatile it is.

Over time, the color of the concrete will darken and its texture will become more smooth, especially towards the center of the beads where direct contact to your skin is made. I love how you can watch the material age and transform over time, but if you prefer the original look of the bracelet, a light sanding will return it to its original color and texture.

Choose a gray ombre design, as seen in the photos, or a more random and spontaneous mixed gray pattern at checkout.

Each bracelet will be made to order, and due to the handmade nature of this jewelry, minor variations between pieces is to be expected and helps make each item unique.


Allow 1-2 weeks production time.


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